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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New Forest's oldest living inhabitants

Moyles Court Oak near Rockford
Moyles Court Oak near Rockford
is estimated to be around 400 years old
and will be featured in the exhibition
They witnessed the Roundheads fighting the Cavaliers during the English Civil War, Elizabeth I defeating the Spanish Armada, and survived being used for ship building during the Napoleonic Wars.

Now for the first time you can find out more about the New Forest’s ancient trees – some of which are reputed to be over 1,000 years old – in an interactive exhibition.

The month long display at the New Forest Centre in Lyndhurst is sponsored by ExxonMobil at the Fawley Refinery and attempts to unravel the mystery of these ancient trees.

Bryan Wilson, Senior Tree Officer at the New Forest National Park Authority, said: ‘The New Forest is of exceptional importance for ancient and veteran trees. It has a greater concentration than anywhere else in Western Europe – nearly 1,500 trees have been recorded and we know there are more to find.

‘They can be discovered almost anywhere. However, the greatest numbers survive within the Ancient and Ornamental New Forest woodlands that once formed a great medieval hunting ground which remains remarkably intact to this day.’

The exhibition runs from 20 October to 25 November 2012 at the New Forest Centre which is open every day from 10am- 4.30pm.

To view ancient trees already recorded in the New Forest visit

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Drive safely across the New Forest this winter

People who regularly drive across the New Forest are being urged to drive extra carefully this winter.

new forest ponies road accident prevention

The New Forest National Park Authority and the Verderers want to remind people to be extra vigilant on their way to and from work; particularly after the clocks go back at the end of October.

Nigel Matthews, Community & Visitor Services Manager at the New Forest National Park Authority, said: ‘It can often take a while for people to adjust to the darker evenings and there is usually a significant rise in accidents in November.

‘A lot of ponies wear reflective collars but many don’t, so drivers should look out for dark-coloured ponies which are often more difficult to see. It is important to drive at a sensible speed, within the 40mph limit, when safe to do so and to make sure you can stop if an animal steps onto the road at the last minute. Ponies have no road sense so it is up to the driver to be extra cautious.

‘It’s not just the animals that are at risk in an accident. If the driver is speeding the results could be catastrophic for their passengers and vehicle too.’

Head Agister, Jonathan Gerrelli, added: ‘Now is a timely reminder that we all need to be extra careful when driving in the New Forest.  It is the law to report all accidents as soon as possible. However 31 accidents were not reported last year which resulted in unnecessary suffering for the animals.  Anyone who gives information leading to a successful prosecution can claim a reward of up to £1,000.

‘The Verderers have issued several rewards in recent years and a number of drivers have been successfully prosecuted for failing to stop and report an accident with a Forest animal.

‘Drivers who do report accidents are unlikely to be prosecuted, but if a driver fails to report an accident and is caught, the Verderers will always encourage the police to prosecute and the police are generally very willing to do so.’

Driving tips:
  • Be ready to stop - ponies may step out even when they’ve seen you approaching
  • Drive slowly, especially at night and when other cars are approaching with their headlights on
  • Give animals grazing by the side of the road a wide berth
  • Take extra care when there are animals on the verges on both sides of the road – they may cross to join their friends.
  • Remember that deer easily jump the fences alongside roads like the A337, A31 and A35 and when there is one deer more will usually follow
  • The faster you are going, the greater the damage will be to the animal, your car and your passengers - start your journey early so you don’t have to hurry.
If you witness an accident:
If you witness or are involved in an accident involving a pony, donkey, cow, pig or sheep, call the Police (999 for an emergency or 101 if it’s not an emergency). Animal emergency hotline cards also give you the numbers to call if you see sick, injured or distressed animals. Cards are available from garages and Local Information Points across the New Forest. To stock the cards contact the New Forest National Park Authority at

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New Forest Hotels raises £4,800 towards local conservation

After launching the visitor gift scheme 6 months ago, New Forest Hotels have successfully raised £4,800 for the New Forest Trust. The funds will go towards the conservation, protection and improvement of the New Forest.

The Visitor Gift Scheme is supported by a number of local companies, with the money raised a vital income going towards local organisations as well as the forest. We have raised this impressive amount by asking our guests to donate a voluntary £1 on departure. Our sister pub, The Drift Inn, also donates a penny from every pint sold to the scheme.

Chairman of the New Forest Trust, Rick Manley, says “The Visitor Gift Scheme is now an integral part in helping the New Forest. It is great to see that New Forest Hotels have been so successful with collecting donations. Thank you to all the staff at the hotels, alongside the generous customers which have donated.”

Michaela Lisle, Managing Director of New Forest Hotels, says “It is great to help such a local charity, our customers visit the New Forest to enjoy its vast beauty so it is important that we help maintain this. Our guests have responded very well when being told about the donation. They enjoy the areas so are more than happy to help. We aim to continue to raise as much money as possible and look forward to hearing how the money is going to be used.”

For more news about New Forest Hotels visit

Friday, 5 October 2012

NFNPA News - Eco property open day in the New Forest National Park

Woodcutters Bashley
Find out how to save money on your energy bills at the second free ‘Green Open Doors’ weekend.

From 20-21 October people with properties in the New Forest which have embraced renewable technologies will be opening their doors.

Properties are based across the Forest at Ashurst, Bashley, Beaulieu Road, Boldre, Fordingbridge and Lymington.

Andy Brennan, Sustainable Development Officer at the New Forest National Park Authority, said: ‘Green Open Doors is an opportunity for home owners to showcase the benefits of green technology. This year we have a range of properties which are successfully using solar panels, biomass boilers, eco-lighting, insulation and ground source heat pumps.

‘Those who are interested can come along, speak to home owners, see how the technology works and get first hand feedback and advice.’

For more information on property locations and opening times visit:

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

2012 Wessex CIPR PRide Awards NFNP Authority Gold Winners

The New Forest National Park Authority is celebrating after receiving an external publications ‘oscar’ for its newspaper Park life.

From left to right: New Forest Post Senior Ad Manager Jo London; Newsquest Hampshire Regional Ad Manager Shelley Gorman; New Forest National Park Authority Communications Manager Hilary Makin; New Forest National Park Authority Chief Executive Alison Barnes; New Forest National Park Authority Communications Officer Karen Evans-McDaid gain gold at the CIPR Wessex Awards for Best External Publication Park life.
The National Park Authority was named gold winner in the Best External Publication category of the 2012 Wessex and Channel Islands Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) PRide Awards, announced at The Ageas Bowl, Southampton.

This year saw over 100 of the region’s leading public relations practitioners attend the annual awards ceremony, hosted by Capital FM South Coast's breakfast show presenter Zoe Hanson.

The National Park Authority worked with Newsquest to revamp the design of Park life and include it in the distribution of the New Forest Post newspaper which, with advertising, cut costs by almost 50%. It also distributes around 15,000 additional copies each year at events and community outlets around the Forest and is available online at

New Forest National Park Authority Chief Executive Alison Barnes said: ‘Park life is packed full of news, events and information about how to get involved in caring for the National Park. It is an important way to talk to residents and visitors about the work we are doing to protect this spectacular landscape, help people to understand and enjoy the area, and to support its communities. We’re delighted that this has been recognised by the CIPR Pride Awards.’

The CIPR PRide Awards, sponsored nationally by Precise, PRWeek and RedBrand, received over 1,000 entries from freelancers, consultancies and in-house teams across 12 UK regions and nations. The judging process for the PRide Awards is rigorous with a national panel of industry experts assessing the shortlisted entries and choosing the winners. The 2012 Chairs of Judges, Gill Dandy FCIPR, Senior Consultant at The Centre for Strategy and Communication, and Chris Genasi FCIPR, Senior Consultant at APCO Worldwide, assisted in ensuring a fair and consistent judging process.

The award commendation read: ‘The campaign brief was clear and well thought out. They understood their target audience and used several tactics to get their message across. Innovative use of external advertising meant that they were able to reduce their overall costs. The achievement of nearly 50% in cost reduction is to be congratulated.’

CIPR CEO, Jane Wilson MCIPR, said: ‘The Wessex and Channel Islands CIPR PRide Awards celebrate the best PR and communications campaigns and teams from across the region. The sheer number of high quality entries received this year, especially when things are still pretty tough out there economically, is testament to a thriving regional industry. The CIPR PRide Awards represent the best, most creative and most effective public relations work across the UK and to win an award is a great achievement.’

The CIPR is the professional body for public relations and public affairs practitioners in the UK. With 9,000 members involved in all aspects of public relations, it is the largest body of its type in Europe.

The full list of the 2012 Wessex and Channel Islands PRide Awards winners can be accessed via the CIPR website.