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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Meet2Eat - Companionship and basic nutritional food skills for Over 50's

Meet2Eat is a community service that has a focus on older adults (over 50-years) and aims to provide companionship and basic nutritional food skills around eating, shopping and cooking.

Meet2Eat is both a proactive and reactive service primarily for older adults whose circumstances mean that they have limited nutritional skills or confidence. This may be because of a long term over reliance on their partner, family or care network or it may be because they are fiercely independent.

Users are those with a future health and social risk, such as being faced with an event that disables their traditional source of nutrition.

This is not a traditional cooking course. Meet2Eat distances itself from that stigma with the intention to use the informality of group experiences to understand the individual’s needs and aspirations.

Meet2Eat will work with a group of similar people over a 5-week period to devise fun practical events for the individual or group that delivers the basic planning, shopping, preparation and storage skills that promote nutritional wellbeing and independence.

We hope this progressive approach to eating, shopping and cooking will help blend modern nutritional thinking with the domestic needs and culinary habits of older adults.

Meet2Eat is run by VISION Culture and Rodd Design. Its development was funded by the Technology Strategy Board and The Design Council under their Independence Matters - Home & Away.

Further information Contact Adrian Jevans (VISION Culture CIC) e-mail: or Ben Davies (Rodd Design) e-mail: Website: