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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tackling the Back to School Blues

Natural Care for Natural Concerns

The toddler clinging to mum’s leg at the playschool door… The five-year-old throwing up with first-day-at-school terror… Your self-assured son suddenly a nail-biting bag of nerves after being teased by classmates… Your teenage daughter juggling the move to a huge new school and her raging hormones…

Sue Leach in Boldre clinic
There’s a lot of heartache and angst going on at this time of year – and millions worldwide are turning to homeopathy for help. Homeopathic treatment can soothe all sorts of fears and anticipatory anxiety, and help not only youngsters make the transition to nursery and school – but also parents get through the guilt and anxiety of ‘abandoning’ them! Remedies can treat older children who find academic work challenging, are being bullied or struggling socially at school. Then there’s that huge gulf when you’ve seen them through their school days and they’re off making their own way in life.

“Homeopathy enables us to feel the fear and just do it – holding our hand, throughout,” says Sue Leach, homeopath and allergy practitioner at Boldre Homeopathic Practice in the New Forest. ‘We treat every patient, whatever their age and circumstances, as an individual, uncovering the cause of the problem and working with nature to provide effective treatment. It makes so much sense to use homeopathy for children and we could not be more pleased with the results we’re achieving.”

Homeopathy is now being used by over 200 million patients worldwide. Remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and usually have no side effects, and though they were first discovered over 200 years ago they bring help and solace to very contemporary problems. Clinical trials are proving, time and again, that homeopathy is a powerful treatment against childhood ailments and a strengthener of the immune system for later in life.

From conception to cradle, homeopathy helps women wanting to get pregnant and creates wellbeing throughout pregnancy and following the birth. In babies, it tackles skin problems such as cradle cap and eczema; ear infections; colic; teething and feeding problems. In older children, natural treatment can help with coughs and colds, asthma, bedwetting and behavioural problems. When a child reaches school age, homeopathy effectively treats everything from nervousness and nightmares to head lice and nosebleeds. In a maze of vaccinations, health scares and a sea of emotion, learning how to heal our children naturally should be our very first lesson.

Sue Leach is a member of the Society of Homeopathy, adhering to high professional standards and a strict code of ethics. For more information about latest developments in homeopathy, natural medicines and specific treatments, please visit or contact Sue Leach on or 01590 624020.

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