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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Beaulieu Road Sales Yard Fit for the Future

Unveiling of the plaque - left to right-
Julian Lewis MP, Poul Christensen,
Chair of Natural England, Alison Barnes,
Chief Executive of the New Forest
National Park Authority, Dominic May,
Official Verderer and Julian Johnson
Chairman of the New Forest
National Park Authority
A partnership of key New Forest organisations has worked together to deliver vital upgrades to Beaulieu Road Sales Yard making it fit for purpose for future generations of commoners.

The re-vamped Beaulieu Road Sales Yard was opened by Poul Christensen, Chairman of Natural England on 11 August.

The Beaulieu Road Sales Yard is run by the New Forest Livestock Society and is an essential part of New Forest culture. It holds between five and six sales a year for the iconic New Forest Pony and is the only purpose built facility in the country for the sale of semi-feral ponies.

The improvements are the result of many years of work and planning from the partners involved, particularly the New Forest Livestock Society, the New Forest National Park Authority, the Forestry Commission, the New Forest Trust, the Verderers and Natural England.

The work at the yard has now brought in long awaited mains water and electricity, a toilet block and a lorry and trailer wash down area that enables the sales yard to comply with increasing health and safety and welfare regulations. These general improvements also provide better facilities for buyers and sellers and visitors, and will help contribute towards the success of the sales.

Poul Christensen Chair of Natural England, said: ‘This is a celebration of an investment that supports a future for commoning, a historically important culture that creates a living, working landscape of international importance and natural beauty. Natural England is proud to have worked with the partnership that has delivered this project.’

David Readhead, Chair of the New Forest Livestock Society said: ‘When I took over the management of the sales yard in 2003, it was obvious that there was still a lot of work to be done to bring the yard up to the standard required by current legislation. We’ve been working towards that now for many years and I am proud that the yard will now conform to the latest regulations and will serve commoners well for the next 50 years. I want to thank all of those organisations who have assisted in getting us to this point, particularly the National Park Authority and the Verderers, who have provided significant support.

Kathryn Boler, External Funding Officer at New Forest National Park Authority, said: ‘Having been heavily involved in the planning of this project since 2007, it is enormously satisfying to see the improvements finally in place. This project is a great example of partnership working in the New Forest. So many organisations have worked closely together to deliver this project which will benefit commoners enormously, help ensure the future of the New Forest Pony and provide an economic benefit to businesses who work closely with the commoners.’

The next Beaulieu Road pony sales will be on the 15 September 2011.

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