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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Consultation for draft Landford Village Design Statement

A consultation is being launched today (24 January) on a draft Village Design Statement for Landford.

The draft Statement has been prepared by a steering group from the local community who are keen to ensure that the design of any new development in the parish respects the distinctive local character of the area.

The role of a Village Design Statement is to provide more detailed design guidance for a parish and to supplement the planning policies of the local planning authority.

Steve Avery, Director of Strategy and Planning, said: ‘The local community have worked hard in preparing a draft Village Design Statement for Landford over the last two years. Their draft Design Statement reflects how important keeping the area’s character is to the local community.’

Ken Parker, Chairman of Landford Village Design Statement committee, added: ‘As a village mainly within the New Forest National Park, but with a small, but significant area outside, Landford’s  Village Design Statement will provide a unifying set of goals and guidelines designed to retain and enhance the traditional character for the whole parish.

‘Although produced by the village, for the village, we are very grateful to the New Forest National Park Authority and Wiltshire Council who have both been readily available for any help and assistance we have needed along the way.’

There is now a four week consultation period starting today for comments to be made on the draft Design Statement. Following the consultation the National Park Authority and Wiltshire Council will consider any comments and the final Design Statement will be presented to the National Park Authority meeting in March to be formally adopted.

Once the Statement is adopted it will form part of the Local Development Framework for the National Park and will be a consideration in determining planning applications within Landford.

The draft Landford Village Design Statement can be viewed at the New Forest National Park Authority offices, Wiltshire Council offices, Salisbury and Downton libraries and Landford Village Stores. It can also be viewed online at

Comments need to be sent to Policy and Plans Team, New Forest National Park Authority, South Efford House, Milford Road, Lymington SO40 0JD or emailed to by 5pm Monday 21 February 2011.

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