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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Picture the New Forest by Macie Sherwood

Below are a selection of beautiful photographs depicting various New Forest scenes by Macie Sherwood who is a keen local photographer. You can contact Macie at

When we were out in the New Forest on a Sunday, we came across this lovely lake near Lymington. So we stopped to have a walk around. A great place to visit for a walk/picnic or to take photos of animals in a natural setting.

Another photo by Lymington Lake.

Again at the Lake, Lymington. This horse thought the grass would be better in the lake than around it!

I went to the New Forest to do a portrait photo shoot, but I wanted to take some that were different and shot the model entering the stream. This stream was near Beaulieu and it is a lovely place to go and take photos or go for a walk.

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  1. Very beautiful photographs and the animals look peaceful in their natural habitats unharmed.

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