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Friday, 13 January 2017

Can Dogs Eat Cheese? 10 Toxic Foods, 23 Safe Ones and A Few in the Middle

Dogs and cats are the two most common pets. They are constant companions, and for real dog and cat lovers, they would have more than one pet around with them. Dog owners would have whole kennels of dogs and puppies if they had the space to spare. Of course, the ultimate cat lover would be the cat lady who takes care of more than a dozen pet cats.

Taking care of pets is not an easy task. Besides food and shelter, the owner also has to ensure the good health of the pets. If he had a lot of dogs or cats, a single one of them getting sick might spread the disease with the rest of the household. In the same manner, the owner has to ensure that the foods that the pets eat are healthy and not something that may be toxic.

New pet owners have this mortal fear that their pets would just fall over and die on them. The truth is that there are some types of food which are naturally toxic to dogs and cats. Usually, these toxic foods also happen to be healthy for humans.

Consider it as a form of deadly allergy for pets. The food may not harm a person, but it might kill his pet. That is a real threat and there are a few common food which can be easily found in the kitchen.

This infographic shows some foods that are beneficial to humans but toxic to dogs and cats. This is a must read for all pet owners or those who plan to get dogs or cats as pets.

what dogs can eat
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Monday, 9 January 2017

22 ways how owning a dog can improve your health

Dogs are considered as man's best friends because of their loyalty and affection. They are sweet and cuddly, not to mention cute! You'll be surprised that owning a dog also has benefits on your health, and there are several of them.

If you don't have a dog yet, you'll be encouraged on getting one after reading this post. One of the things that you'll notice about dogs is that they are active and playful. They are perfect buddies for walking or running. Making it a habit to walk or run with your pet around the neighborhood is a good exercise for you. As you know, this is a vital part of staying fit and healthy.

Dogs are amazing stress relievers, as they help decrease the chemicals in your body that make you feel bad, while increasing the chemicals that make you feel good. Lower stress level also contributes to lower blood pressure.

According to a study, participants who had interactions with dogs had lower blood pressure even when they were under a stressful situation. Dogs can also help combat depression. One of the reasons for this is that they are good listeners allowing owners to talk to them without having to worry on what they have to think or say.

To give you a better insight on the healthy benefits of dogs to humans, we created this amazing infographic.

Check out the eye-catching illustration below and be wowed with the positive impact of dogs to your health:

22 ways dogs make humans healthier
Guest post: Many thanks to HEREPUP for a most informative infographic about how your dog can keep you healthy.

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