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Monday, 24 October 2016

12 interesting facts about the New Forest in a Tweet

A New Forest scene as shown in one of
New Forest Commoners tweets.
Each tweet on Twitter is like a mini blog post. Every day on my profile at @forestwaterside I scroll through my followers tweets reading the wealth of interesting information.

For some time now I have been particularly interested by the tweets put up by New Forest Commoner @Forest_Commoner. In the main, the tweets are comprised of very interesting facts about the New Forest.

Their Twitter Profile states: "Keeping the history, ecology and cultural traditions of the New Forest alive through practice of 'commoning'. Sharing information about #NewForest & #commoning."

I have listed here a dozen of the tweets they have published and hope you find them as interesting and informative as I have. For many more interesting and informative tweets go and follow them at @Forest_Commoner - enjoy!

  • During the Victorian heydays of insect collecting, the #NewForest was a popular destination for specimen hunters! #minibeasts
  • Did you know that the #NewForest has 26 miles of coastline?
  • Combating the number of livestock killed on the roads is one of the Verderers’ chief concerns in managing agriculture of the #NewForest.
  • In 1079AD William the Conquerer created his 'Nova Foresta' to be preserved for royal hunting. The #NewForest nearly a 1000 years old!
  • A 'Society for the improvement of New Forest Ponies' was founded in 1891 to encourage owners of good stallions to run them on the Forest.
  • An Act of Parliament in 1877 upheld the rights of the #NewForest commoners, which had been encroached by naval plantations for shipbuilding.
  • In 1653 a group of #Southampton merchants were given permission by the Commonwealth govt. to prospect for coal in the #NewForest.
  • Henry of Huntingdon said of William I: "If any one killed a stag or a wild boar, his eyes were put out". #conqueror #Normans #ForestLaw
  • In January 1900 Emily Whitehouse, of Lyndhurst Parish, was fined 2s. 6d., with costs of 7s., for being drunk and disorderly! #NewForest
  • The Royal Oak, Fritham, was a favourite meeting place for smugglers on the #NewForest to plan their 'free-trading'.
  • DYK that Richard, Duke of Bernay, son of William I (the elder brother of Rufus, King William II) was gored to death by a #NewForest stag?
  • Old rural rhyme about wood: 'Oak and maple dry and old, help keep out the winter cold.' (Oak and maple need to be well seasoned before use.)

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