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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Video: Driving safely across the New Forest National Park

The famous New Forest ponies have the road sense of a two-year-old child and have the right of way on New Forest roads.

They roam free in the National Park as it's their grazing and activity which helps to shape the iconic New Forest landscape we know today. Sadly around 70 are killed by cars each year.

Please do watch the video below - the Head Agister has some useful tips for all drivers in the New Forest.

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New Forest Ponies: Architects of the Forest by Dionis Macnair
Soon after the last ice age, the ponies arrived and they and the New Forest have developed together. Not only do they preserve the Forest, but they also make tremendous riding ponies - talented at jumping, racing, dressage and gymkhana events; they are canny, willing and have terrific temperaments. Dionis Macnair has been involved with them for over 60 years, and as a breeder is well placed to describe their characters and chronicle their development. She colourfully recounts exploits of memorable pony characters and such events as the annual "Point to Point". Read more...

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