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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Do I Move

New Forest Scene by Mark Upfield
I awake on a misty morning at 4am ready for my hour drive into the national park, I know the location I want to photograph. I have been watching the heather develop over the last few years and know that the colour in the autumn is spectacular.

I hit the road and turn the music up to make sure my sleepy eyes don't get the better of me. It is always a case for me to having a couple of locations lined up just incase the first one isn't producing exactly what i'm after so I drive passed the first two and no colour, my hopes of a perfect image are becoming weak. I park up at Bratley view and start my ten minute walk to what I call Mogshade Hill, sure enough there it was; purple everywhere I look and the mist just lifting out of the valley.

My mind starts to wonder as I line up my composition:

  • Is this the best angle...
  • Will the mist go exactely where I want...
  • The sun may get blocked by the cloud should I move...

Mark Upfield photo of New Forest
These are things that always play on my mind, I usually find that if I change location then it's not good enough, but if I stay at least I can say I have tried. Sure enough I stay put, there is still an hour until the sun will break the horizon so I set an alarm for 40 minutes time, lay back with my head on the camera bag and the camera set up in front of me and shut my eyes. I don't sleep, I never do but it's so relaxing listening to the birds at this time in the morning and feeling the cold autumn wind just brushing your face every now and then. I open my eyes every few minutes just to see what is developing on the horizon, the mist is starting to lift as the ground warms up and the sky is starting to glow some fantastic colours.

Time to shoot... The alarm goes off and I know that in 20 minutes time the sun will just be above the horizon. The image I have in mind will require the sun being slightly higher but its always worth a play before hand. As the cloud starts to fully light up my adreniline starts kicking in and the excitment is taking over, as the first light hits everything lights up and the image I have been after is captured! For good measure I shoot a vertical format one as well and prefer the composition!

Author: Mark Upfield - Fine art prints and products and 1-2-1 Photography lessons.
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  1. A wonderful account of the dedication it takes to cature such breath taking landscape! Reading this makes me feel so fortune to live by such a calming and beautiful place.