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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dragonflies of the New Forest

A couple of weeks ago I was sat in my car in a car park in the heart of the New Forest when suddenly a rather large Dragonfly with a very impressive fluorescent blue body flew across the bonnet of the car. It made numerous passes including actually entering the car through the open passenger window. It hovered motionless for a number of seconds as if curious of the creature sat in the drivers seat (me). Then went into reverse gear and made its exit back through the open window. After a couple more near passes at the car it eventually disappeared into the depths of the Forest.

What a wonderful experience, so much so that I searched YouTube to view more of these magnificent insects. You can view the many different types of Dragonfly in the video below, but if you get the opportunity, go into the Forest and view them in the flesh - truly breathtaking experience.

Credit : Keith Talbot Wildlife Channel on YouTube crockfordkat


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