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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cannonball 2000 Beaulieu make Dreams Come True

Sunday 29th July Cannonballers in a variety of prestige cars, will gather at the James Bond – Bond in Motion exhibition at the Beaulieu Motor Museum to provide a fun-filled dream day out for beneficiary children and their families from charity Dreams Come True ( ahead of the first ever Cannonball 2000 event from 5th – 9th September.

Cannonball owners will showcase a variety of cars to the Dreams Come True children and their families a few weeks prior to embarking on a 2,000 mile journey over five days from London to Paris, via Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Milan, raising funds for Dreams Come True one of the chosen charities of Beaulieu Motor museum.

The Cannonball 2000 Dreams Come True James Bond event is open to members of the public visiting Beaulieu Motor Museum on Sunday 29th July.  Some of the cars on show from the Cannonballers will include a Maserati Gran Cabrio, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California and an Aston Martin DB9, alongside a variety of cars seen in the James Bond films, giving the Dreams Come True children a wide variety of supercars to explore and enjoy.

Bond Stunt Driver Ray Deehan will meet the children to talk about stunt driving, car chases and film sequences.   Children will enjoy lunch and be able to meet model Katie Green and her partner Nathan who will attend in their Aston Martin DB9 along with Dreams Come True supporters TV presenter Melissa Porter and model, muse and TV presenter Hofit Golan.

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Before you go, why not watch the Cannonball 2000 Launch Movie
On 5th September 2012 fifty supercars driven by a myriad of celebrities and prestige car owners will embark on a 2,000 mile journey over five days taking them from London to Paris, via Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Milan, raising funds for children's charity Dreams Come True (

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