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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New look for National Park Rangers on the go

Rangers working for the New Forest National Park will be easier to spot thanks to a new lease vehicle with distinctive images of the New Forest landscape.

The Volkswagen Caddy with BlueMotion technology is more fuel efficient and produces less CO2 than most vans. The van has start-stop technology which cuts emissions and saves fuel by automatically switching off the engine when stationary, such as at traffic lights.

Gillie Hayball, who leads the team of four New Forest National Park Authority rangers, said: ‘One of our key tasks is to be a visible presence in the National Park and surrounding areas, acting as a first point of contact with residents and visitors.

‘Leasing this vehicle means we can transport display and educational materials when we attend events, campaign days and go out into communities. It also means people can recognise us more easily.

‘A business case showed that by leasing the van rather than rangers using their own transport and claiming back the mileage, there will also be cost savings for the Authority. Of course we’ll be out walking and cycling in the Forest or using public transport when possible instead of going by car or van.’

The Authority has also been leasing a hybrid pool car – which runs on electric and petrol – from Wessex Fleet Solutions since 2010.

Company Director Tim McNally said: ‘Green Car Lease is a division of Wessex Fleet Solutions. Not only are the pool car and van reducing the Authority’s emissions but the leasing arrangements are also carbon neutral.

‘We calculate the amount of carbon emitted by every lease vehicle we supply and pay for sustainable energy projects to offset those emissions.’

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