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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Southampton Offers Stunning Waterside Activities

There are some cities which don’t make the most of their geographical positions, but this accusation certainly can’t be directed at Southampton. In recent years, major investment has gone into providing the facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy the beautiful views across the River Itchen, and to savour the finer things in life from a waterside location.
Southampton Ocean Village
Many British towns and city planners, including those in Cardiff, Salford and Newcastle, have come to realise the potential of their river and ocean-side locations, in the past decades. Major refurbishment works have resulted in some highly impressive developments that have transformed the areas into havens for shopping, dining and drinking, and all with some stunning backdrops.

Southampton’s long association with the water is well documented, and it’s good to know the city’s authorities are keen to entice people into the riverside area. All over the UK, there is a growing realisation that everyone should be entitled to enjoy a stroll beside the water, and that it should not be just the privileged few who get to see the many superb views.

One of life’s genuine pleasures is to enjoy a delicious meal in a vibrant, exciting location, and that is certainly possible in Southampton’s Ocean Village. On a summer’s afternoon, there’s nothing more pleasant than savouring top quality cuisine outside, as the warm breeze floats in off the water. It comes as no surprise to discover this area becomes understandably busy during weekends in July and August.

The area is also home to two cinemas and a number of bars, too. One of Britain’s oldest yachting establishments, the Royal Southampton Yacht Club, is based in the marina, and its presence gives the area a pleasing link to its former years. In addition, there are several nautical-related businesses nearby, offering staff members an extremely pleasant place in which to work.

Guest Post by David Rice, a UK-based writer who works for a company that specialises in finding office space in Southampton. He feels the excellent deals that are currently available on offices to let in Southampton help to make it a superb city to relocate to.

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