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Saturday, 26 November 2011

LymingtonDeals a win win for New Forest residents and businesses

We all want a great deal and getting 70% plus offers are a fantastic opportunity, not only for you but also in our case for local businesses. This was the basic reason why was set up.

There are many social marketing groups, which are virtually all formed by big often foreign groups with massive infrastructure and huge marketing and technical overheads – all of which someone eventually has to pay for and it is usually the customer – you.

So we felt there had to be a better way and came up with the answer of Lymington Deals where people local to Lymington – obviously including the area covered by The New Forest and Lymington Blog, could get bargains with local enterprises.

In the few months since we started we have gained members at a very rapid pace and have had some great deals provided by local businesses. So far they have helped both members and companies – these have included hair styling, financial advice, wine, hotel accommodation, organically grown produce even completely free coffee.

Lymington Deals has been very pleased that Steve Lodge has recognized our value both for customers and businesses and invited us to be part of his great community. We look forward to keeping all of you up to date with our fantastic offers via this blog but if you really want to be first with the information to get great deals then you should join us via out website or face book entry by clicking here.

We want the people who love our area to share in the great opportunities which Lymington Deals offers both its members and the rapidly growing number of local enterprises who have realised great deals are excellent for business.

See you at
Nathan Ferry Local Resident & Founder

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