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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

‘Night mare’ in the New Forest

Julie Blake the Author of the 'Night Mare'
Meet Pip who is afraid of the dark and things that go ‘bump in the night’. Join him and his new friend in a brand new children’s book written and illustrated by Julie Blake from the New Forest National Park Authority.

The book aimed at three to seven year olds tells the story of ‘Pip’, a New Forest bat who has an invisible friend.

It is perfect bedtime story - not only is it beautifully illustrated but also helps children learn about creatures of the New Forest and reminds parents to drive safely.

‘I wanted to create a short story that engages children’s imaginations but would also help them to learn about the New Forest. The Forest is so unique I wanted to explain it in a fun and engaging way,’ said Julie.

‘It also has a message in it for adults about driving in the New Forest at night time and how important it is to look out for ponies and other animals crossing the road.’

The ‘Night Mare’ is available from the New Forest National Park Authority’s online store priced £7.00 and from the New Forest UK app in iTunes for 69p. To go directly to the book scan the code below.

Biography: Julie Blake has worked for the New Forest National Park Authority since 2007. She studied Graphic Design and specialised in illustration at Norwich School of Art. Since then she has exhibited artworks in Hampshire, Dorset and London. Having previously illustrated for editorial publications, this is her first published children’s book.

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