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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Everyone is talking about Hotel TerraVina

Hotel TerraVina is an award winning hotel, located in the beautiful New Forest National Park. The whole ethos of the hotel is centred on the location’s outstanding beauty. The heart of the hotel lies in the restaurant, the food and the wine. Add into the mix exceptionally friendly, relaxed service and that’s TerraVina.

The team are the hotel’s best asset. Just as the hotel has evolved and improved over the past four years, so too have they and they have a sense of ownership for the place which is very gratifying. The team are commented on often as being instrumental in guests having greatly enjoyed their stays.

TerraVina is only small, with eleven bedrooms, but is much talked about and very well loved by a huge number of returning guests, many of whom knew Nina and Gerard from their Hotel du Vin days and have followed them to TerraVina. Many guests appreciate the relaxed, informal, friendly yet professional way the hotel is run and the fact that as a couple they are so hands on. They love the forest and are passionate about what they do and where they live and work and the guests get a feel for that when they stay at TerraVina.

In the kitchen, the food is tasty and full flavoured. Many describe Hotel TerraVina as a California-inspired gem. It was their love of California wine country restaurants that inspired Nina to design and create a place that epitomizes dining out in the sunshine state. The ‘open kitchen’ is a superb feature. One side of the restaurant opens out onto a wonderful veranda for al fresco breakfast, lunch or early dinners when the weather is warm.

Gerard, his wine team and the wines help to set Hotel TerraVina. Gerard is a well-recognised wine specialist and the current World Champion Sommelier. He is the only person in the world to hold Master Sommelier, Master of Wine and Wine MBA awards simultaneously and he was appointed an OBE in 2011.

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