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Thursday, 31 March 2011

MedicsontheMove - Surge In Demand For Rental Properties In Hampshire

Demand for rental properties is growing and the overall supply of new properties is decreasing.*  Difficulties in securing a mortgage means that landlords are unable to extend their property portfolios and thwarted first-time buyers remain renting with many holding out until house prices fall.  This increased demand is pushing up rental prices, with rent rises highest in the South East.**

This opens up opportunities for property owners in Hampshire.  Those with a second property can start making money on their homes.  Yet, for those of us with a day job other than property ownership; the responsibility of collecting rent, finding suitable tenants, being on call for maintenance issues - can be a huge deterrent.

Lynne Dadley - Medics on the Move
Lynne Dadley, from award-winning ‘Medics on the Move’, the property management service for busy professionals in Hampshire says:  “there are so many benefits to renting out an empty property but also a number of pitfalls and legal responsibilities which need covering off.   Finding a good local property management agent takes away the stress of marketing the property, finding and interviewing good tenants, securing deposits, checking the property and making sure rent is received promptly.  It saves the property owner a significant amount of time and worry.”

Medics on the Move – winner of the ‘Regional Letting Agents of the Year 2010’ - provides an insightful and intuitive service, matching the property with the tenant.  It hosts an exclusive collection of properties, allowing the time to look after each property properly.  Amongst  a myriad of tasks,  landlords can hand over the responsibility of selecting, interviewing , referencing and arranging tenancy agreements; transferring utility payments to the tenants; dealing with day-to-day enquiries, instructing contractors and taking care of routine maintenance.

In addition to rental and property management, the company also provides an in-depth and personal relocation and home search.  ‘Medics on the Move’ is a professional company working for all busy professionals.  The complete service ensures that ‘finding the right home’ includes not only fantastic properties but the proximity of good schools, transport and amenities, as required!

Visit or call 0844 335 6955 for further guidance or follow @MedicsOnMove on Twitter.

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