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Friday, 22 October 2010

Latest Information on Defra's Review of National Parks Governance Arrangements

Yesterday's meeting (21/10/10) with Alison Barnes (CEO, NFNPA) and David Illsley (NFNPA) was very positive and I am delighted to tell you that the New Forest NPA will be holding a series of public consultation meetings during the Review.  Further details of these meetings will follow soon after Defra launch their Consultation Document, probably mid-November.

We understand that the consultation period will be 12 weeks and that the outcome should be announced by Defra in the Spring 2011.  Alison has specifically delayed the publication and distribution of the Autumn/Winter edition of "Park Life" so that further details can be announced.  This will be especially helpful in reaching all residents in the National Park, and particularly those who do not have computers.

We also understand that Defra's consultation document will be in the format of a questionnaire; so One Voice and the NFNPA will work together to ensure this will be available for download from both websites as well as provision of hard copies at the public meetings.

We have decided not to launch the One Voice online survey because the Defra questionnaire is likely to cover the same points and issues on accountability.

This is all very good news for everyone, especially after the doom and gloom of yesterday's spending review!

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