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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fit it in to Your Lifestyle

Eating well and maintaining our fitness keeps us looking and feeling great.  So why do we find it easy to slip in to unhealthy habits?  Why do we subject ourselves to the latest fad diet or sign up to the gym, only to lose interest after the initial burst?

Spencer Cuckney owns Fit Woman Boot Camp, based on the South Coast.  He explains: “We all have demanding lifestyles and time pressures and sometimes we forget to look after ourselves in the race to get everything done.  The reality is, the better we eat and the fitter we are; the more energy we have to make the most out of our lives.  It’s not about starving ourselves – there are no nutrients in that.  It’s about enjoying life, eating abundantly but with foods which will fuel our bodies and give us what we need to be at our best.  Getting good levels of exercise not only means looking great in jeans; it’s a necessity to stave off stress, prevent health problems and to keep our bodies, minds and spirit in full working order!  Good health has a positive impact on every area of our lives, so it’s important that we get it right.”

Fit Woman Boot Camp runs residential boot camps around the New Forest and Christchurch, making the most of its enviable terrain.  Groups are small and each resident is treated as an individual.  “We show each woman how to fit in exercise and healthy eating in to their lifestyle.  We also make sure that they have fun and are inspired after they leave, in contrast to exhausting and humiliating military style boot camps.   Activities range from cycling and hiking through the forest, to Thai and Kick boxing with World Champions and also kayaking and surfing across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Boscombe.  It’s a varied programme and often introduces residents to new sports.  We make sure each woman leaves knowing how to get the most out of exercise and how to execute to perfection – saving on time and injuries!  There’s no doubt it’s challenging but we get results, with many women losing up to a stone and a dress size across the course of the week.  We have a nutritionist who teaches healthy culinary skills each day and shows food can be used to get the most from our bodies.  We also have a life coach who addresses attitudes to food and fitness.  Residents leave healthier, slimmer and fitter; armed with a diet and exercise plan and a different, happier approach to life.”

Go to or call 01425 477090 for availability, prices and special offers.


Chloe Stokes, 19, recently attended Fit Woman Boot Camp. “I am fairly fit but have just been travelling and definitely got out of my normal routine and really wanted to get back in to shape.  I liked the look of Fit Woman Boot Camp because it was local but also because of the range of activities – I wanted to enjoy my time there!  I loved paddle boarding and also Thai Boxing.  To be honest, it was all challenging.  No matter, how fit you are – you work as hard as you can.  Over six days, I lost 18lbs and dropped a dress size.  I lost eight inches all over and had a 7.9% reduction in body fat – pretty good!   I was so pleased and am definitely going to book another course.  Overall, it gave me the motivation to keep up my fitness again.  I’m now at Southampton University taking Sports Studies and I’d like to be a personal trainer when I finish.”

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